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Alan Satterwhite 

Satterwhite Alan Times Trainee - 1966
Larry Kellogg

Kellogg Larry, St. Pete Radio and TV Executive, 06/08/1966
Thatís Rebel, even when it comes to a 16-pound bowling ball.

Holmes Richard Dos Onner 1964, 08/11/1964
Every dog should nave a boy especially one that will take him for a bike ride. Parfait, a 7 year old poodle, joins his master, John S. Ozanne, Jr., of Dallas, Tex., in is daily bicycle ride. 	

August 23 1965

Automation: A CAT astrophe 
What chance has cat got in this Age of Automation when a rap trap can bag three rats with one blow! Bill Doyle, 4137 40th Ave. N., said he thinks he scored a first in the history of rat-trapping with his three-at-once feat. Melted American cheese did the track, according to Doyle.

Cats: Mice & Cats

Mothers Gen, See Also: Babies Children Families
November 13 1964

Soap Bubbles

Soap Bubbles
Debbie Bain

Stone, Gary 

Stone, Gary, Baseball

Stairs leading nowhere at Municipal Pier

St. Petersburg: Municipal Pier: 1962 Thru 1966, See Also: St. Pe
Skydiving Competitions

Skydiving Competitions - 1974 Thru
July 18 1965

Box Seats
Anxiety for their favorites is readily eveident. For more anxiety, see 5-C.

Soap Box Derby: thru 1966
MAY 11 1963

Henry Fonda at Fort De Soto dedication ceremonies.

Fort De Soto Park dedication ceremonies - May 11 1963

Parks: Fort De Soto Park - Dedication - May 11 1963
Peter, Paul and Mary perform at the Curtis Hixon Hall in Tampa, Florida. (2/5/1968)
 Bide. A. Wee

Bide. A. Wee, 8.6.1965
From published caption:  How far can they go?  Police have supplied answers to the question concerning go-go dancers at numerous clubs in the area. (10/9/1965)
Highways Florida
Alligator Alley

Highways Florida, Alligator Alley, 1/31/1968
6/3/1964, June 4 1964

Little Dancers, Big Recital
Small fry dance troupe rehearse for presentation to night. They are Sharon Valentine, Roylene McMullen, Yate Cutliff, Lynette Smith, Daisy Nixon and Maella Williams.

Schools: Jordan Elementary - Thru 1970
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